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The Reward Points Program, sponsored by Early Care Evolution (ECE), is designed to reward participants for choosing ECE for their continued learning and development. The more task you complete, the more points you earn. Currently, 10 points = $8. Use points to purchase a course or retake the final assessment. Participants can use 5 points to retake the final assessment instead of paying full price to retake the entire course. Participants must accumulate 15 points to start redeeming points during checkout. How many points do you have? How many points do you need?


Earn & Redeem

Frequently Ask Questions

Participants must have a minimum of 18 reward points to start redeeming during checkout.

Participants must be logged into their accounts during checkout to redeem their reward points.

No, rewards points cannot be shared or switched from account to account.

Yes, all reward points will expire after 18 months if they are not used.

Participants who brought a training course(s) starting in 2023, will receive reward points. If you do not see your reward points, please contact us at 

Membership is when participants earn additional discounts on every order based on the total reward points earned during a period. There are three types of membership bronze, silver, and gold.

Yes, participants have two attempts to take and pass the final assessment with a 70% or higher. If participants are not able to pass the final assessment participants can use points to retake the final assessment. Points can only be used one time for any given assessment. Participants can use 5 points to retake the final assessment. If participants have not accumulated enough points to retake the final assessment, they have to wait 365 days to re-purchase and take the same course. 

Terms of Program