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10 Ways to Increase Your Income as a Home Daycare Provider

Most state agencies only allow home daycare providers to care for six children for income at one time, limiting the amount of income earned. The average income for home daycares ranges from $27,529 – $33,363 per year. Because of these income limits, many daycare providers look for other ways to maximize their annual income to counteract the wage ceiling. Some leave to work in different industries with higher pay and less demanding work. In this article, I will share ten ways to increase your income as a home daycare provider.

Annual Registration Fee

Charge between $45 – $75 per child annually for an annual registration fee and require children that are drop-ins to pay a yearly registration fee too. A registration fee pays you for time spent screening parents and preparing registration packages.

Food Sponsor

Sign up with your local food sponsor to join the USDA Food Program! You can receive up to $4.88 a day per child. For example, 6 kids x $4.88 = $29.28 x 31 Days = $907.68 a Month!


Some parents might need childcare services at the last minute or on a day-to-day basis. The best option would be to offer drop-ins. You can charge a minimum of $45 a day per child for drop-ins. In some cases, you can earn more money off a drop-in than a child enrolled in your weekly childcare program regularly.

Weekend Care

Consider giving parent(s) a break by offering services on a Saturday or Sunday for drop-ins only and inform parents that this is a separate service from weekly care. Do not include this fee with your weekly price; make sure to charge a separate fee for this service.

Night Care

Consider offering night during Superbowl Sunday, Valentine\’s Day, or New Year\’s Eve. You can easily set your fees between $45 – $65 per child.

Offer Two (2) Shift

Most In-home daycares are not allowed to have many children at one time. To maximize your profit, you can offer two shifts and have six kids on each shift. From 6:30am to 6:00pm & 6:30pm to 6:00am.

Activity Fee

An activity fee covers transportation costs, field trips, and the curriculum.
If you\’re up to it, you can offer transportation services to parents for an extra fee. Offer to pick the children up from home or to drop them off at home.


Consider charging a fee for other services such as early drop-off or late pick-up. These fees will reimburse you for overtime. Overtime is considered anytime spent caring for children before or after the hours of operation.

Late Payment Fee

Charge a fee for late payment if parents to do not pay on time or if a payment is returned.

Side Hustle

To increase your income, start a side hustle. Some side hustles include taking pictures of the children in your care and creating a yearbook to sell to parents at the end of the year. Create holiday gift baskets and sell them to parents during the holidays. You could even sell your experience and expertise. There are many sides hustles to consider when it comes to increasing your income.

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